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Wilton Shopping Centre – 75kW

Sylvania Waters – 8kW LG Neon 330W

Kurnell – 5kW

Yarrawarrah – 6.6kW Trina Honey 300W

Mountain Range Nursery in Dapto – 29.8kWs  QCells solar panels with Tigo DC optimisers and Fronius inverters. Monitored by Solar Analytics.   

Bundeena – 8kW SunPower p19 residential panels. SolarEdge inverter with power optimisers .

Bundeena – 5kW Trina Honey 300W

Greenhills Beach – 10kWs with Fronius inverter and Trina 300w Solar panels.


Sylvania 8kW

Abcot Inn Sylvania – 30kW

Loftus 12kW

Fronius inverter and QCells 325W Q.PeakDuo-G5 panels.

60kWs – dairy farm in Nowra

DJI_0941 10.34.41 am

5 Point St Bulli

DJI_0953 10.34.41 am

5 Point St Bulli

Sunny Shire is a community energy campaign in the Sutherland Shire. They are a non for profit group in the Sutherland Shire who want to help the Sutherland Shire community get the benefits of renewable energy and energy efficiency such as cost savings, self-reliance, resilience and lower impact on our environment. AG Solar have worked on over 130 Sutherland Shire homes with Sunny Shire installing over 270kWs and counting of solar for the local community. 

Being a local solar installation company we love working together with the community to provide high quality solar systems at a competitive price for the Sutherland Shire and Illawarra Region. If you would like some more information on Sunny Shire and the projects they have done please visit here.

We regularly update our Facebook page with photographs of installations. Please view our Facebook page or follow us to see more of our work.

We do commercial too.

Stay competitive by being strategic about your business energy needs. Save money, protect your business against rising energy costs.

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