With typical string inverters, if one panel is underperforming due to being soiled, shaded or has been degraded over time, the entire system drops output performance to the lowest performing panel. This is not the case with Enphase. Every Enphase panel is installed with a microinverter directly underneath, therefore each panel still maximises electricity output regardless. This means that each Enphase panel is independent of each other, which benefits you as the electricity output of your Enphase system is higher over time compared to any other inverter.

Benefits of Enphase

Better Performance

Unlike string inverters, each Enphase solar panel performs independently of each other, therefore, electricity output is maximised regardless. Enphase microinverters get the best out of your system with studies showing Enphase microinverters produce between 1 – 3.1% more energy than string inverters or string with DC optimisers. 


Compared with a conventional string system, Enphase microinverters are extremely low in voltage, less than the voltage of a small desk fan. This provides additional safety, minimising the risk of any electrical shocks. Enphase microinverters are the common choice for schools, meeting strict government safety regulations.


Enphase microinverters have been adopted in over 100 countries, in varying climates without fail. Enphase microinverters have undergone 1 million power-on hours of testing before production which has included extreme temperatures and humidity. Microinverters also have no moving parts, which means they are less susceptible to parts damage compared to string inverters. 

More Intelligent

Enphase systems are equipped with the latest technology for the ultimate experience. Once installed, you can monitor your system via your mobile, tablet or computer through Enphase MyEnlighten. Additionally, installers can troubleshoot your system remotely if necessary, saving you more time.

We do commercial too.

Stay competitive by being strategic about your business energy needs. Save money, protect your business against rising energy costs.

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If you are knowledgeable in solar, value honest and reliable information, this may be the sales job for you. We are at the forefront of the industry so you will be consistently learning about new technology and products and be working with customers to design a high quality system to help reach their goals. Read the seek ad for more information https://www.seek.com.au/job/73515418
There is about to be a third AG truck on the road around Sydney and the Illawarra.
Hopefully in the not too distant future we can have EV trucks! 🔋🛻

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2024 is looking good! 🤩

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Purchase a SunPower Reserve battery today and get 16 free SunPower Performance panels! Contact us today for more details or a quote.

Offer ends 29th February 2024 or the offer will run while stocks last. Minimum solar panels: 16 units, but the system can be expandable. 

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Most of our team will be taking a break until Thursday, January 4. If you call the office we can take a message to action in the new year as soon as most of the team is back. Merry Christmas and we hope the sun stays out! 🎅🎄☀️
We LOVE seeing a home basement with 
3 x Fronius 6kW Primo GEN24
1 x Tesla Powerwall 2
1 x Evnex EV charger 

All powered by
44 x 410w SunPower P series 

And this is just one side of the duplex! 
💪 ☀️ 🙌
When the weather is bad it’s time to get organised for when the sun comes out again. Somehow it’s Summer at the end of the week! 
This is a powerful SunPower Maxeon 6 and Enphase system in Bundeena we just installed. Bring on the sunny days for this home ☀️ 

#agsolarsydneyillawarra #sunnydays #rainyweather #solarpanels #renewables #renewableenergy #sutherlandshire #bundeena #bundeenabeach
This is Amber 👋 
Many of our customers may have or will speak to Amber for a quote and/or advice. We thought we should do an introduction to put a face to this friendly voice! 

Working in full-time administration we quickly found that Amber was a perfect culture fit for our business and became very knowledgeable in all facets, especially in product and market knowledge. We decided after one year we had to have her working alongside Trent and Daniel in sales because of her attitude, knowledge and eagerness to keep learning about renewable energy.

The need for honest and upfront conversations is something that Amber thinks is important in the customer relationship. Amber believes, “offering this kind of service to customers is something you don't come across too often and it really creates positive impacts on everyone involved”. 

Amber likes creating an environment where customers can truly understand the products they are investing in and enjoys guiding them to find a solution that suits their long-term renewable energy goals. 

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